Friday, January 25, 2013

Candle Prayer for Special Needs...

"O Gracious God who knows all our needs and cares for us daily with such great love, be with all who need special prayer today (you can mention people you know), who are in great need of your presence.
I light this candle of prayer and dedicate it for their needs.
May your light surround them; may your love be their support and may your life flow through them.
I dedicate the actions, prayers and duties of my day for their needs at this special time."
Fr Ed Hays, "Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim"

Here, in the midst of winter, there are those who will suffer this day. In the midst of what some consider a winter wonderland, others struggle with the darkness both around them and inside. Let us be aware of those whose winter days are difficult. I love this candle prayer from Fr. Ed Hays! I encourage you to use it while lighting a candle, either for someone you may know who is struggling, or for all who are suffering in our world. Let's light a tiny light to brighten this winter day! Love, heidi

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