Tuesday, January 15, 2013

God is in our day!

"However long we live, we could never wish for a better friend than God, who even in this life grants us a far greater peace than we are able to desire."
St. Teresa of Avila, "Let Nothing Disturb You"

By the end of yesterday, I'd had reassuring, wonderful conversations with all three kids, I'd completed a small project and had even a large project well in hand! I went to bed with a peacefulness that I just can't explain. Yes, I felt as though I'd accomplished something, but more than that. I had a very conscious awareness that God was vividly active in my day. Through the conversations with the kids, I saw God tracks in their lives. And I certainly saw God working through my little projects, too. Was it God who rearranged the TV schedule so there was nothing appealing on last night? Being able to turn the TV off gave me such a rich, worthwhile time to get something done! (TV off during Lent? Hummmm) Anyway, I caught a peek of what St. Teresa is talking about here...a peacefulness that is but a glimpse of the peacefulness God has in store for us. We can get a little preview of that peace if we can realize how real our God is in our lives. And I know that, even if the conversations with the kids had been troubling, God would still be there, giving me words to reassure and comfort them. God is in our day! God is the best friend we could ever hope to have! Let us be glad and rejoice...love, heidi

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