Monday, October 6, 2014

The hard stuff. Again.

"But because he wished to justify himself, he said to Jesus, 'And who is my neighbor?'"
Luke 10:29
On Pray-As-You-Go this morning, the question was asked which character in the story do you most identify with?  Which character is you?  The Good Samaritan? The Levite? The poor guy who was beaten up?  Or maybe even the guy who asked the question in the first place...the guy who wished to justify himself?  Oh, that is easy.  I'm THAT guy.  I always want to know what I'm supposed to do.  I want to do the right thing, but I want a clear definition of what that is exactly.  And, worst of all, who do I have to love? Be nice to? Care for?  As if there was a limit.  I certainly shouldn't have to be compassionate to THOSE people, should I?  Tell me exactly who I am to care for and I will do that. But let it not be THEM...Jesus gives us the answer we don't really want to hear. Love everyone. Without limits.  Jesus wants us to love the hard ones.  Especially the hard ones.  Criminy.  Love, heidi

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