Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Voice through the fog...

"Lost in thick layers of gloominess
I call out, 'Where are you?'
'I'm here,' you whisper back.
As I strain to hear your voice.
'Are you really here?' I echo.
'Trust me,' comes the response.
'But I can't see,' I complain.
'Why do you need to see?'
You reply through the heavy fog,
'Is it not enough that I am here?'"
Sr. Joyce Rupp, "Fragments of Your Ancient Name"
I love this because it shows that Sr. Joyce has the same kind of conversations with Jesus that I have and have had through many years! Are you there? Yes. Where? Here. Are you sure? Jesus must get weary from constantly encouraging me!  But yet, Jesus continues to encourage.  This past weekend, while at the Monastery of St. Gertrude, we had a morning of heavy, heavy fog.  We couldn't see the Spirit Center across the road, it was so thick and dense.  But we knew it was there.  There are times when the fog we experience in life seems thick and soupy and we need to convince ourselves that things will work out.  Somehow. Are you going through a soupy time right now? Jesus says to us, "I'm here."  Love, heidi

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