Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What are you doing?

"Who can say to God, 'What are you doing?'"
Job 9:12
Oh, we can and do ask God what is going on...frequently, if we are honest with ourselves.  And while it may seem like a silly and futile question, we have the freedom to ask it.  In fact, it's not bad for us to ask God what God may be doing because that affirms that we are in relationship with God in the first place.  And that is what God really wants.  We don't have to tiptoe around God and only say what we think God wants to hear.  We don't have to treat God as a houseguest and hang out the "best" towels and eat off the "good" dishes.  God wants to be intimately part of our lives, eating over the pizza delivery box.  God wants us to be honest in prayer, just like Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, when he cried real tears and said, "Hey, if there is any way out of this..." (Mark 14:32-42) Being in real relationship with God means that we talk to God honestly, even if we find ourselves saying, "What are you doing?" God can take it and we may feel better questioning, even lashing out a bit.  Jesus is always teaching us how to relate to God.  And Jesus was bluntly honest with God.  But, ultimately, Jesus surrendered to God and said, "Not what I want, but what you want."  We may come to that, too. But we need to know that we can talk openly and honestly with our Beloved God.  Love, heidi

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