Monday, November 24, 2014

Offering our "all"

"Give us the courage to speak the truth, with respect and sincere love."
Prayer Intercession, Give Is This Day
As I read this today I thought, Wow, if that wasn't written for me!  I so often speak before I think and say things I later regret.  It's one of the hardest bug-a-boos of my behavior and one would think I could learn better, but alas...
Today's Gospel (Luke 21:1-4) is the story of the poor widow putting all she has into the treasury.  Jesus comments on how her gift is so precious because it represents all she had.  How can we offer all we have today?  We can certainly help monetarily, but what if we offer our honest efforts to work on our own areas of sin.  What are the sins we battle daily as we journey with Jesus? Do we hold a grudge against anyone? Do we battle for control in all situations? Are we overly judgmental with those around us?  Can we offer our efforts to rectify these up to God today?  I love working on the courage to speak "the truth with respect and sincere love." That will help me to pause and think before saying the first thing that pops into my head to say.  What "all" can we offer to God this day?  Love, heidi

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