Thursday, December 11, 2014

Already here!

"Sometimes we seem to 'discern' ourselves right past the moment of opportunity and on past the moment of grace, rather than see and hear the all-too-obvious signs of the reign of God being offered us--a hurt that needs healing, an injustice that demands righting, an offense calling for forgiveness."
Sr. Pat Kozak, "Give Us This Day"
This really resonates with me today.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the "waiting" of Advent we miss what is happening right now.  While we are waiting for Christ to be born are we missing the Jesus who is sitting right beside us?  I remember one Advent I was so intent on the waiting I'd finally just had enough of that by the Fourth Sunday of Advent and practically shouted, "I'm tired of waiting! Come NOW!"  It was then I sensed the presence of Jesus beside me saying, "I'm right here and have been all need to shout, Heidi-dear." I wonder if we don't make all this so much harder and more complex than it really is by "over-discerning" as Sr. Pat suggests.  It also reminds me of one of Fr. Richard Rohr's comments:  You can quit knocking, you are already inside! Let's not over-think, over-stress or over-anything today.  Let's just bask in the presence of Jesus, who is, in fact, already here! Love, heidi

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