Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Giving and gathering

"All of these look to you
to give them their food in due season.
You give it, they gather it up;
you open wide your hand, they are well-filled."
Psalm 104:27-28
While the Israelites wandered in the desert, God literally fed them with manna, quail and water out of a rock.  God gave it and the people gathered and ate it--just like it is described here.  But something shifted when Jesus came along.  God still feeds the people, but the actual hands opening and nourishing are our hands.  Jesus tells us to do the work of the Father and feed the hungry.  God still feeds the hungry, but now it is through our hands.  Today is Pope Francis' birthday and last year on his birthday he invited several homeless men to mass and breakfast. Today, let's celebrate his birthday by doing something for special for those who may be suffering in our own communities.  And as we open our hands in giving, let's pray for many more happy birthdays for Pope Francis!  Love, heidi

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