Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Through our bumbling...

"It is out of our human lives that God reaches us. We expect that these lives would be less wounded, less bumbling, less muddled. We hope that our lives would have a 'pureness' to them, but God reaches us in the way that God has always reached human beings--through our ordinary, flawed lives."
Sr. Joyce Rupp, "The Cup of Our Lives"
This was so fascinating to me because I realized that, even after we turn our lives toward God and begin to really live our lives in God and with God, we still are so flawed! Seriously? Shouldn't we be better then?  But, alas, the flaws are still there.  We are probably even more aware of them.  I was talking to a friend yesterday about the woundedness of us little humans and we realized that, even after he rose from the dead, Jesus still had the wounds he'd suffered through his passion.  What does that teach us? How does God work through our wounds? Even with God at the center of our lives, we muddle along, as Sr. Joyce points out. In our ordinary, flawed lives, we bumble around.  And God loves us.  Such an amazing truth for us to chew on today. Love, heidi

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