Monday, March 30, 2015

Holy Monday...Where's Waldo?

  "I, the Lord, have called you...
I have grasped you by the hand..."
Isaiah 42:6
Whenever I have a long day of travel, like yesterday flying home from Kansas, I invite Jesus to show himself to me in the mass of humanity I encounter on such a journey.  I had to wait through three flights and a four-hour airport layover to find him, but I found Jesus, just like finding Waldo!  It was the very last leg, the last flight. I had spent every one of my kind words and was on my last nerve as I hunkered in the seat to catch forty winks before we landed.  Very near me was a very loquacious young teenager who was full of stories...many, many stories.  Her kind seatmate was a lovely young woman, maybe thirty or so, who listened patiently and kindly through the whole flight.  Periodically, I wiggled to consciousness and the teenager was still talking.  And the kind woman was still listening.  The listener was so affirming and generous, I knew she was Jesus on that flight.  After we landed, got our luggage, and the teenager left with her family, I thanked the young woman for her kindness and told her how wonderful she was with the talkative little gal.  She smiled a beautiful smile at me and went on her way.  Thank you, Jesus, for showing yourself to me in that long travel day.  I'm grateful I recognized you and didn't sleep through the whole lesson. I hope to be that patient, kind and generous with others this Holy Week and beyond!  Love, heidi

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