Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Thursday...Wash my feet!

"Peter said to him, 'You will never wash my feet.'"
John 13:8
How crazy it seems to us now--hearing Peter refuse to let Jesus wash his feet!  Peter, come on, Lad!  Get with the program!  But, how often do we refuse the love of another? How often do we turn the other way when Jesus wants to help us?  Peter was human--oh, so human.  And so are we.  We just have the advantage of two thousand years of history and theology.  Today, let's think about the times we may turn from the love of others.  Or how often we choose to go it alone and leave Jesus waiting there, towel around his waist, and say, "Not today, Jesus, I got this!"  Jesus, please wash my feet!  Show me your love and teach me to love others just like you love. Tonight, Jesus gives us two beautiful gifts: the Eucharist and his example of love and service to others.  Let's not miss this glorious celebration! Love, heidi

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