Tuesday, March 17, 2015


"Above all, trust in the slow work of God..."
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
This seems to be a real theme for me right now.  (I have the poem, in its entirety, below).  It seems that part of me lives in the future and I can get so impatient about the wheels turning so slowly!  I want to get to "there" so much faster than I seem to be going.  One example is the Spiritual Direction course I'm taking.  It's a two year program, we just started the second year and I'm thinking too far ahead of where I am. Each time we meet is rich and wonderful. I will surely miss these gatherings and the beautiful exchange of ideas.  Challenging? Certainly! But that is the "slow work of God" in this poem.  We are slowly being formed, during class and during the months in between our time together.  The operative word being "slowly." God works in all of our lives and endeavors at God's speed. It may seem slow to us, but God knows that we need that much time.  Our slow movement of time is just a blip to God, in God's time.  So, today, this St. Patrick's Day, let's relish time and savor each moment.  God is working, diligently, in each minute we are given today.  Let's enjoy it!  Irish blessings on everyone! Love, heidi

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