Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We had hoped...

"But we were hoping..."
Luke 24:21
In his book, "Jesus: A Pilgrimage," Fr. James Martin has a beautiful chapter on the Gospel story of the road to Emmaus, which is today's Gospel (Luke 24:13-35)  He highlights the words of the disciples to Jesus, "We had hoped..."  In their despair and sadness over the events of Jesus' passion and death, they were stuck, and thus, unable to recognize Jesus walking with them on the road.  It really can prompt us to spend some time in prayer thinking about the things we may have hoped for that did not work out.  Are we stuck in those times? Is it hard for us to see any good coming from a difficult situation?  Can we look carefully and begin to see God working in those times of disappointment?  "We had hoped..."  We had hoped this job would have worked out...We had hoped this relationship would have lasted...We had hoped our child would have taken a different path. You name it, we can find times of disappointment in our lives.  But, just as the disciples on the road, we need to learn to recognize that God is constantly working in those times especially, in our lives.  Those times of disappointment and heartbreak are fertile soil for God to plant seeds that will grow and give us new life.  Today, let's spend some time with this Gospel and the words, "We had hoped..." and then spend time looking for and recognizing God in these situations.  Love, heidi

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