Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Working with great love...

"Use the freedom you have been given to love others into freedom..."
Fr. Patrick Foley, Parish Mission
This was one of the important messages of our Parish Mission the first evening.  I feel like it is so timely for me and I spent some prayer time journaling and fleshing out what it could look like in my life right now.  Loving others into freedom fits perfectly with what I do with blind and visually impaired people, really.  Giving people tools and skills of independence is, quite literally, freeing for them.  It is a very beautiful job!  That said, it seems harder sometimes to "love" them into freedom. I can teach them skills and offer them tools, but Jesus asks that I do all this with great love. The gadgets, gizmos and techniques are much easier than coming up with the love, at times!  As I wondered how that could work, I immediately thought of Mother Teresa, who loved people into freedom everyday.  I sat and pondered what Mother Teresa would look like doing my job and THAT was a fascinating prayer.  Today, let's think about our work and how we can do it with great love...loving others into freedom.  If it helps to imagine Jesus doing our job or someone we admire like Mother Teresa, let's pray with that.  At the end of today, let's look back and see if that way of thinking changed the way we did our job.  Jesus, please help me do my job today with the love you ask of me.  Help me to love others through the doing what I do, knowing that you gave me the gift of this work in the first place!  Mother Teresa, pray for me, as I try to do my work with great love today.  Love, heidi

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