Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The gift of Just This

"Just this."
Fr. Richard Rohr, "In the Beginning..."
I have relished a set of CD's of talks by Fr. Richard Rohr and Pastor Rob Bell called "In the Beginning..." As I was driving through a most beautiful place earlier this week, Fr. Richard was explaining about "Just This."  Living in the present moment means realizing that where I am, what's going on right now, what I am attending to at this moment, is Just This.  I need to be fully present in this time and space, not back last week, when my feelings got hurt, or two years from now and what may be happening then.  What I have today, right now, is Just This.  I was looking at the breath-taking scenery and loving my Just This of that time.  And it was good.  I am one who certainly gets caught up in the past and in the future.  I can wallow around in past hurts or spend way too much time anticipating what's coming up. So, I am very grateful for this valuable lesson of Just This.  Today, as we go through our nearly-summer Wednesday, let's stop periodically and just grasp the Just This of the moment.  Let's realize that, at that instant, God is loving us beyond measure and that moment is a special gift, just for us.  Blessings on all of your Just This moments, heidi

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