Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lessons from the River--Part Deux

  These are the lessons I learned floating, in an inner tube, on the Stillwater River last weekend...if you missed the first two you can catch them below...
Lesson #3.  It's always easier, while tubing down a river, if you can see where you're going and anticipate what's coming up, but it isn't always possible. Sometimes, you'll be floating backwards and things will sneak up on you and hit you. When that happens, try to be light, breezy and buoyant and let the current carry you. The river knows where to go. Deeper lesson:  Despite your best efforts you can't prevent difficulties from hitting you from behind.  Best to try and relax and allow God to carry you through the rough patch. Go with the flow!
Lesson #4. If you get in a tight or difficult situation, like losing your inner tube in swift current, find something stable and hang on! You may need to let go of unnecessary stuff, like a shoe or hat (or God-forbid, your shorts!), but hang onto what is stable and secure, like a tree branch. Deeper lesson:  Lose the useless, like harsh judgments or bitter resentments and hang onto what is stable and secure, your faith, good friends, those you love.
One more day of lessons tomorrow! Love, heidi

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