Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It's OK

"It's okay
to not be okay..."
"Exhale," by Tiffany Lee, Matt Armstrong, Josh Silverberg; performed by Plumb
This song has been getting a lot of airplay lately and it has message I really love. The artist explains on a "Behind the Music" segment that her husband heard this message from a pastor the first Sunday he attended church after they had separated.  He was definitely NOT okay and really needed to hear that he was still in the right place, there at church.  In thinking about it, it is so reassuring to know that God is with us throughout it all.  There are times when it is so easy to praise God; things are going well, we're cooking right along.  And then there are the other times.  When we feel weak, we reach out as vulnerable, needy children.  God is always closer than we can imagine.  In our weakness, God can show us strength. 
If you have a chance, today, listen to this beautiful song:
Blessings on your Wednesday!  Love, heidi

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