Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lover of vs. worker for...

"The journey of peacemaking is not easy. It may be easy to be a lover of peace, but it is more difficult to be a worker for peace, a maker of peace, day in and day out."
Jean Vanier, "Finding Peace"

The putting it into practice is the hard part, certainly.  I can admire peace and justice, but I need to be able to practice it, day in and day out in my own circle of influence...and that's hard.  Yesterday, I had an experience that taught me just how far away I am from this ideal.  I was getting my hair cut and two other ladies in the small shop were having a rather loud political discussion.  The things they were saying were very offensive to me and I could feel my blood start to boil.  I beckoned my stylist to come closer and I whispered to her, through clenched teeth, "Let's fire up that blow dryer NOW!"  I couldn't take another word, but yet, didn't want to speak up and take a more peaceful stance to what they were saying.  I couldn't speak up for the people they were denigrating; I was too afraid of offending them. Instead, I chose to drown them out.  Shame on me. Later, of course, I thought of a better approach.  I should have, very kindly, explained to them that I was offended by how they were speaking of others. I could have been a worker for peace instead of just a lover of peace.  Lord, please help me to stand up for those put down.  Help me to speak up kindly and with compassion for all, even for the people speaking unkindly.  Please help me to be a worker for peace, not just an admirer of peace.  Day in and day out.  Love, heidi

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  1. Wow Heidi, You have a talent that encourages you to speak the truth and reflect on very dificult situations.