Thursday, January 21, 2016


"In the end only kindness matters..."
"Hands," by Jewel
I had one of those days yesterday.  My day was hijacked by a serious flood at my attached-townhouse-neighbor and my place was damaged too.  At the end of the craziness I sat down and thought about what lessons I am invited to learn in all this.  Now, I haven't heard this song for years and years, but the phrase "only kindness matters" kept running through my mind.  I listened to the whole song and it is so beautiful and spiritual (I will put the link below).  Anyway, God is inviting me to put the whole deal in perspective--no one was injured! Also, God is asking me to be as kind as possible to everyone. With the grace of God I hope to just be the "nice lady next door" through the next several weeks of dealing with it all.  As we pray with the beautiful words to this song, let's all remember the words, "only kindness matters..." and let's live that way.  Love, heidi

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