Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Letting go or gripping tightly?

"The spiritual journey is more like a giving up control than taking control."
Fr. Richard Rohr, "Wondrous Encounters--Scripture for Lent"
As a kid I remember Lent being all about self-control.  The self-control it took to give up candy, which was the standard. The self-control to be plucked out of my warm bed, a quick brushing of teeth and, throwing a coat over my PJ's, being flung into a cold winter morning to attend 6:30 mass.  The self-control of beating my breast, begging God not to "throw me into the pit," in the Psalms. Yes, it was all about what I did.  I did. My control. My doings.  I'm feeling more and more that Lent is all about what God does; what God can do if I am just willing and pliable and give up control.  Lent, for me, has become more about letting go than tightly gripping.  Thanks be to God!  Love, heidi
PS: I will be in class for the next few days...please pray for us as we continue our class with our dear leader, Peg, watching from heaven. 

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