Monday, February 22, 2016

Words vs actions...

"Jesus, are such journeys just about you or are they also about us? Do you want us to think higher of you, or higher of ourselves because of you? Why do you take us along on such journeys at all?"
Fr. Richard Rohr, "Wondrous Encounters--Scriptures for Lent"
This was yesterday's meditation on the Transfiguration and I wanted to finish the prayer--Why do you take us along on such journeys at all? Especially if you don't want us to talk about them? In both Mark and Matthew's Gospels Jesus specifically tells the witnesses NOT to tell about the vision of his transfiguration with anyone.  Why take us along if we can't share it?  Well, Jesus tells them not to share it until after he has died and risen from the dead, which gets them head-scratching right there.  But my prayer with this went a different way.  I realize that us talking about our fabulous encounters with Jesus can only go so far.  When we are changed by Jesus we change from the inside out.  Jesus wants us to talk about our encounters less and change our actions more. Jesus knows that actions speak louder than words and our behavior changes will bring more positive ripples through our world than our just talking about Jesus. So, as we embark on our mid-Lent Monday, let's be aware of how our actions, not just our words, can share Jesus in our world today.  Our actions are much more contagious, sharing Jesus in the world! Love, heidi

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