Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Quest into Homecoming...

"For it is love that calls you on this journey. It is love that makes the Quest a homecoming, and it is love that is your source of energy to continue on the Quest."
Fr. Edward Hays, "St. George and the Dragon and the Quest for the Holy Grail"

Much of what I've learned about the Quest I learned from Fr. Ed Hays' books, the first one I read being "St. George and the Dragon." Storyteller, artist, hobo, pilgrim; Fr. Ed Hays was all on his Quest, and now his Quest has reached his Homecoming.  He has found all he was "questing" for...While I'm sad that he is gone from this planet, I'm so grateful that I got to meet him (above here with Mary Rau at the Sisters of Charity 150 year Jubilee, 2008). More importantly, that I was able to learn at his knee and catch a glimpse of the Cosmos through his eyes. His vision opened my eyes to a much wider view and I'm so grateful!  Love, heidi

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