Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Prayer is a place...

"For Jesus, prayer seems to be a matter of waiting in love, returning to love, trusting that love is the unceasing stream of Reality. Prayer isn't primarily words; it's a place, an attitude, a stance."
Fr. Richard Rohr, Daily Meditation, 5/11/16

So often I think that I can harbor ill-will towards someone as long as I don't share that thought with others. I can rant and rave about them in my head, but just not share my ravings. Fr. Richard Rohr points out that, as Jesus shared in Matthew 5:22, I can't even do that.  Rats! What if they are really driving me crazy? That is precisely when I need to turn to the quiet of my heart, just go there and touch base with God. God doesn't want to hear all my ill-will about those God loves as much as me.  The very person I'm upset with is God's beloved child, just as I am.  This changes everything, Friends. It's not enough not to "kill" others in body. I cannot disparage others in my own mind and heart. Prayer is a place...a place I go deep inside to find God and listen to God tell me, "love others." It is a change of attitude based on living from my heart--where God resides.  Love, heidi

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