Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A rose by any name...

"The names of the twelve apostles are these..."
Matthew 10:2

What's in a name? Well, our names are important enough that St. Matthew thought it necessary to give the names of the twelve apostles in his Gospel.  Our names make us special. Our names identify us to people we know and even people we don't. Whether we like our names or not, our names identify us.  Pray-As-You-Go invites us this morning to ponder what Jesus calls us.  Does Jesus use our given names or something different? When Mary Magdalene encountered Jesus after the resurrection she didn't recognize him until he said her name. Do we miss recognizing Jesus until we hear our names? Do we hear our names? In addition to calling me "Heidi-dear" (with an Irish accent) I have heard Jesus call me "Little One" or even "Little Lamb." Whatever Jesus calls us, he calls us with tenderness and compassion. Jesus says our name like we've never heard it said by anyone else.  Jesus says our name with love we cannot imagine.  Let's spend some time today or this evening praying and pondering how we hear Jesus beckon us.  Love, heidi

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