Monday, August 1, 2016

The One who had nothing...

"Jesus had nothing.
Jesus was born in someone else's stable.
Jesus was buried in someone else's tomb.
Jesus had nothing. But Jesus gives us everything."
~Homily Sunday, 7/31

We could spend a whole retreat pondering this amazing truth. What does it speak to us? We, who have so much of everything. What are we to do with this? Because, you see, our pondering must, somehow, bring us to action. We must DO something with this or it just doesn't matter. It just becomes a nice sound bite from a summer Sunday. It speaks to me of the ideal to have only what I need and share what I have with others. And I really want to "need" less, at that. Wants and needs are tricky to pick apart, but when we are honest with ourselves we find we really need less. Our things don't bring us happiness. Our peeps bring us happiness. Our experiences bring us happiness. Our awareness of God in our lives brings us happiness. Our possessions are just things we have to keep track of, pay insurance on, launder and dust. The One who had nothing gave the world everything. Our mission is to learn all we can from that and go and do likewise.  Love, heidi

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