Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

"Halleluiah! Sing to the Lord a new song..."
Psalm 149:1

For so many years it felt like a brand new year, the day after Labor Day. The kids usually began a new school year this day and it had a sense of freshness and newness to it. It was a day to begin new healthy eating habits, get to bed at a decent hour, meeting new friends.  It was like New Year's Day in the fall.  Even all these many years later, it still has a sense of newness to it, even though I'm still doing the exact same thing I did last week! I can begin again today, maybe mustering up a new zeal for what I have done for so many years.  I can begin today to eat healthier (certainly healthier than I ate this past weekend!) I can get to bed earlier with the earlier darkening of the change of seasons. Maybe I can even begin to add some prayer time to my day that, for some reason, I didn't have time for during the summer.  Let's think about today as a new beginning for us, even if we are doing much the same thing as before. We can always begin again and invite God to help us do it all better.  Love, heidi

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