Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The mriacle of growth

"(The Kingdom of God) is like a mustard seed...It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of wheat flour..."
Luke 13:19, 21

Pray-As-You-Go invites us to ponder both of Jesus' images of the Kingdom of God and think which one we relate to better.  What I found was more the similarities of the two; mainly, that the Kingdom of God occurs miraculously.  Both the tiny little mustard seed growing into the huge plant and the small bits of leaven making a loaf of bread rise seem miraculous to me.  Both miracles are surprising, you may look over on the counter and catch your breath when you see the risen loaf. Or one morning you go out and notice, "Whoa! That plant grew overnight!" So it seems with us when we surrender to God and try to become pliable in God's hands.  We may surprise ourselves with choices we make that seem a little kinder or welcoming. We may be surprised to find our hearts melting as we feel differently about others. These signs of God working quietly in our hearts may take us by surprise! But first, we must let our own agendas go and release our hearts to God for the changing. God certainly won't change us without our willingness to be changed! That is what our free will is about.  God doesn't infringe on that, but God will delight in growing us, leavening us and filling us with God's own love if we are just open to be changed.  Love, heidi

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