Monday, November 14, 2016

A gift of Hope

"Seen through the eyes of faith this is a desolate landscape but it remains God's world for which Jesus died and over which the Spirit broods."
Sr. Ruth Burrows, "Love Unknown" (as quoted in Give Us This Day)

This past Saturday I helped out at an Alternative Gift Fair. I thought that I would volunteer an afternoon, do my part, you know...But, in reality, God gave me some wonderful gifts that afternoon, the most splendid one being a gift of Hope.  I enjoyed visiting with wonderful people, but there were two young women I met who passed God's gift of Hope along to me. One was a young counselor of very young mothers in difficult situations and the other an intern in Probation and Parole. Both young women were filled with love and compassion for the people they serve. Both serve a population whom others may find difficult to embrace. Both showed me that enthusiasm and zeal can go a long way to fan the fire of Good (and God) in the world.  I'll admit, both reminded me a tiny bit of an idealistic young Heidi Gainan eons ago, who sincerely desired to make the world better.  Is it too late for me and my generation? Are we too jaded or burned out to make a difference anymore? Certainly not! Not when God shows us Hope through young people taking up the banner of serving humanity today. I was taught a vivid lesson that the young people of today are rolling up their sleeves and doing good things in the world.  And that gives me tremendous Hope, for them and for us. Thanks be to God. Love, heidi

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