Monday, November 21, 2016

The end of mercy? Never!

“God has no memory of sin, but only of us, of each of us, we who are his beloved children. And he believes that it is always possible to start anew, to raise ourselves up.”
Pope Francis, closing out the Year of Mercy

So the Year of Mercy is over. It sure went fast, didn't it? We had a ceremonial final walking through our Mercy Gate at Christ the King over the weekend and it couldn't have come at a better time.  I'd gone to mass early to read and pray.  Trouble was, it was hard to concentrate, there was a lot going on there just then. I found myself getting irritated and short-tempered...just in time to walk through the Mercy Gate one final time.  Later, as I snuggled down into bed and started my prayers, I was still irritated and wrestling with people in my mind. "Now, now," Jesus whispered to me. "Remember the mercy you asked for and received walking through the Mercy Gate earlier? Pass that mercy along to others." Whoa! Right as always, Jesus, thanks. Mercy never ends from God's side.  We need it now in our world, more than ever and it's up to us to pass it on.  Love, heidi

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