Monday, December 5, 2016

Advent waiting...and waiting

Deacon Wence shared a lovely story of waiting during his homily Saturday evening. When he was a little boy, he came home from school late in the afternoon. During the winter, it was already growing dark. Often his mother was visiting his grandmother and not home when he arrived, but he would sit on the front steps and wait for her.  He watched down the street for the headlights of her car.  He waited in hope for her coming...and she always came.  I remember, thirty years ago, waiting in hope for a baby boy, due the first week of December. The shortening winter days and long winter nights made me anxious and I was certainly uncomfortable. But I waited in hope. Since he was our second child, I knew that he would come, eventually! Waiting in hope.  Waiting, knowing full well that the wait would be so worth it and so rewarded with the Coming.  Finally, our son arrived on December 9, a wonderful wee lad, our Blaine.  For Deacon Wence, one set of headlights would pull into the driveway, his wait thus rewarded.  Our Savior will always, always come to us. And the Coming will be so worth the wait.  Advent is it going?  Love, heidi

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