Thursday, December 1, 2016

We wait for you...with you

"The kingdom (of God) is always here and not here. It is always now and not yet."
"Preparing for Christmas with Richard Rohr"

I'm convinced we see glimpses of the kingdom of God, showing us that it is happening right now. We wait for Jesus during Advent, certainly, but the fabulous part is that Jesus waits with us.  That is one of those puzzling truths, like the kingdom is always here and not here.  Jesus waits with us and yet, Jesus is who we are waiting for.  Advent quiet gives us the time to ponder these truths, but it is all too easy to miss them in the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations.  Let's try not to miss it this year! Let's carve out some time to sit in the quiet, light a candle, hum a hymn, and just sit and wait with Jesus, for Jesus.  Love, heidi

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