Friday, January 13, 2017

A gaze of pure love...

"After they had broken through (the roof), they let down the mat on which the paralytic was lying..."
Mark 2:4

We have all heard this Gospel many times, so imagine my surprise when I "heard" something sort of new this morning! On Pray-as-You-Go, they suggested visualizing the scene in our minds.  Picturing the guys lowering the mat into the home, at Jesus' feet. Then they suggested picturing Jesus' face, looking at the guy on the mat.  What is the expression on his face? I prayed with that for a minute and the expression, as pictured in my own mind, was pure love. Jesus looked at the guy with genuine love and compassion, and was totally able to relay that through his gaze. I wondered if the expression alone would have been the true healing for the guy...the physical healing merely icing on the cake. Jesus' gaze would heal the guy from the inside, as I have noticed so often Jesus healing in our day.  As we embark on a winter weekend, what better time to sit in silence and just picture the expression on Jesus' face as we make special time to sit with him. There is nothing better to imagine in the whole world!  Love, heidi

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