Friday, January 6, 2017

Humble and loving service...

"We could, for example, keep ourselves from examining our neighbor's conscience..."
St. Andre Bessette, as quoted in "Living With Christ"

I love this guy.  Brother Andre Bessette was a humble doorman at a college in Montreal. From very humble beginnings, he served God faithfully in simple and concrete ways, visiting the sick and opening the door for visitors. He shows us that any job or ministry is holy if done for the glory of God and with great love. No matter what our job, the way we do what we do makes it holy, not how far up the ladder we climb or how big our name is on the marquee. My favorite story about St. Andre is this: Whenever there was a knock on the door he would hurry to open it, saying, "I'm coming Lord!" It seemed, to him, each visitor was Jesus, himself. Let's think about that this wintery Friday.  Each person we encounter is Jesus and how hospitable are we? Are we hurrying to answer the door? Are we doing our most mundane tasks with love and for the glory of God? And, as St. Andre suggests, the only conscience we need to examine is our own, right? St. Andre, pray for us! Love, heidi

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