Friday, January 20, 2017

Lessons in threes...

"Three things that please God most are true faith in God with a pure heart, a simple life with a grateful spirit, and generosity inspired by charity. The three things that most displease God are a mouth that hates people, a heart harboring resentments and confidence in wealth."
St. Ita, as quoted in Give Us This Day

We learn today that St. Ita lived in the 500's AD, in Ireland.  And of all the over 10,000 named saints (according to she is the one quoted for this day's readings. We, this day, need to learn her simple formula for what pleases God and what does not.  What happens around us may not be within our control, but we can control our responses.  We need strong faith in God, grateful spirits and generous hearts to go forth. We need, not to close in, but to reach out to others.  It is entirely up to us to Be the Good we want to see in our neighborhoods, cities, states and country.  God has no hands or hearts but ours.  And our hands need to lift up rather than cast out. Our hands need to heal rather than chastise. Our hands need to build bridges instead of walls.  Gracious God, help us... Love, heidi

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