Monday, January 23, 2017

Nature and grace...

"Nature and Grace are in harmony with each other. For Grace is God and Nature is God. Neither Nature nor Grace works without the other. They may never be separated..."
Julian of Norwich, as quoted in "Christian Mystics" by Matthew Fox

Yesterday, my inside efforts to be quiet and prayerful fell short, so God beckoned me outside.  The sun was bright and beautiful and there was fresh snow on the driveway that needed shoveling. God said, "Come and see!"  I went from heavy coat to lighter coat to no coat at all.  It was blissfully quiet, save for a bird I heard singing, celebrating the glorious day.  My heart melted into God's peace.  Fr. Thomas Keating says, "The interior experience of God's presence activates our capacity to experience Him in everything else--in people, in events, in nature." (as quoted by Fr. Richard Rohr in his Sunday's Daily Meditation). Thankfully, I'm learning to recognize God's voice when beckoned from inside to outside. Even more thankfully, I'm able to see God so clearly in the peaceful combination of sun and fresh snow.  If I was missing God's voice on the inside, I couldn't recognize God's presence in the outside.  Love, heidi

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