Monday, February 27, 2017

Lent is coming!

"The mystics would say whenever you stand apart and objectify anything you stop knowing it. You have to love, respect, and enter into relationship with what you desire to know."
Fr. Richard Rohr, Daily Meditation for 2/26/2017

When I read this yesterday it hit me...that is what I want to do for Lent this year. We can only learn so much by reading and studying someone. That gives us a start but only takes us so far.  To really get to know someone we need to meet them, spend time with them, and enter into relationship with them.  I can read many biographies and watch documentary films about Abraham Lincoln but that doesn't mean I actually know him.  I hope to meet him in heaven someday, but until then--I can only know about him.  With God, I can spend extra time during Lent getting closer through experience.  Letting go of distracting activities and chasing shiny things will give me time to spend just sitting with God. And that is how I can get to know God experientially.  So, as we spend these next couple days planning our Lenten activities, let's pray about what God desires we do, not just what we have always done or what makes us feel good about ourselves.  Let's turn to God for ideas. What will help us draw closer to God in our own experience? What will draw us deeper into relationship with God? And how will this directly benefit our fellow human beings, because that is important too. Our Lent practices must enhance the lives of others. What we glean behind our prayerfully closed doors, must help others on the other side of the door!  Love, heidi

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