Thursday, April 27, 2017

A law for all of creation

"But Peter and the Apostles said in reply, 'We must obey God rather than men...'"
Acts 5:29

I sit here, this morning, musing about how God's law is actually different than the law of men.  I came up with a few differences, but I'm sure there are more. God's law is definitely kinder and more forgiving than the that of men. Our justice system is far more punitive than it is restorative and God's law is all about restoring relationship. God's law is much more life-giving and life-sustaining, too, asking that we give to the poor and not kill each other.  God's law invites us to live simply and share what we have with others. Man's law tends to drive us toward accumulation and storing all extra into barns for ourselves...someday. On this day, when we're reminded that we are here to obey God, what can we do to follow and promote God's law, even as it may be contrary to our own culture? We can trust that God's law is for the ultimate good of all creation, from a loving, compassionate, and merciful God. Love, heidi

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