Monday, July 9, 2018

Astonished and astounded...

"...many who heard him were astonished."
Mark 6:2

In yesterday's Gospel, the people were astonished at Jesus' teaching in the synagogue. They were astounded last week when he raised the twelve year old girl they believed was dead (Mark 5:42). I totally get it. I've spent the last couple of weeks astonished and astounded too. There was a flawless move (thanks to several awesome young folks), a lovely send-off (thanks to fabulous friends), and a warm welcome (my new library branch is open on Sundays!) Yes, I've been astonished and astounded a lot lately, sitting in my treehouse with my old dog, who, himself, is astonished by the proximity of the squirrels. Things have gone so well with my move that I'm chiding myself for all the needless worry the six months prior. (I worry. It's what I do.) I have been so astonished and astounded, though, at seeing such good in others and even in situations. Can we feel the same when things don't go as well? I wonder, and hope so. The thing is we can be astonished at the beauty of creation around us. We can be astounded at the kind deeds of people, even as other people may be naughty. We can look inside our own hearts and see the love of God right there, and that may really astonish us!  Today, as we go about our July Monday, let's look, astounded, at the goodness of God.
Oh, and it's good to be back! Love, heidi

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