Friday, January 25, 2019

As close as our desire...

"What shall I do, Sir?"
Acts 22:10

Paul's question as he withers in awe on the road to Damascus, is a question we also ask, right? I remember asking that question of God during the Search retreat my senior year of high school. OK, I'm excited about the idea of God vibrantly alive in my life...what do I do now? I'd asked that question for the last several years and one day woke up in a treehouse in Boise working with second graders who know more math than I do, but I digress... Doing God's will comes down to making choices. Sometimes bigger choices, some smaller. God knows not to give me too many difficult choices, but even a choice between two possible jobs or two possible apartments can be daunting. There may not be a "bad" choice, either; both options are fine. But, prayerfully, I ended up using my heart to make my choices. Which option was the desire of my heart? Which option filled me with excitement and joy? That made it easier. God's will for us is as close as our heart's desire. Think about that for a moment. God's will is placed into our hearts as our desire. Incredible, isn't it? As we prayerfully make choices, big and small, in our lives, we only have to look to our heart's desire to answer our own question, "What shall I do, Lord?" That's fun to think and pray about all weekend! Love, heidi

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