Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Sowing wildly...

"Because for Jesus, success does not mean efficient, it means magnanimous--it means having the outrageous courage to give away the best of what we have been given, knowing that not all we give will come to life. But some will."
Paddy Gilger, SJ, "Give Us This Day"

This is one of the best reflections I've read on the parable of the Sower. I've related to the Sower being hugely extravagant with the seed, flinging it wildly about, not as concerned with its future success as just trusting that some of it will take hold. But I love the idea that Jesus had the outrageous courage to give away what he had, his healing, his compassion, his concern, to everyone regardless of who they were. Did you ever want another book of the bible called "Where Are They Now?" Picture it: a camera crew and interviewer go around to all the people who had contact with Jesus and found out what happened to them? What happened to the woman with the hemorrhage? The Rich Young Man? The guy with the demon at Gerasa? Did they continue to follow Jesus and live The Way with the apostles later? Jesus cast his net out far and wide, reaching people society had shunned, but how did it play out in the end? Jesus gave the best he had been given and knew not all would come to life. But some would. I think this is the way we should live our lives too. We should be kind to everyone, not knowing what their lives are really like. We should give everyone the benefit of the doubt, knowing only God knows their hearts. We should give the best we have to all of our endeavors, not being concerned with pay-back or pay-off. Success isn't efficient. Success is magnanimous. Love, heidi

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