Monday, December 12, 2011

Somes it takes a woman

"Sometimes God's face must be feminine. Maybe it is
only 'the Woman' who will be able to heal the wars,
mistrust and status symbols that divide the children
of God."
Fr. Richard Rohr, "Our Lady of Guadalupe"

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in which
we commemorate that day in 1531 when Our Lady appeared
as a young brown-skinned woman to Juan Diego in
Mexico. Prior to that time the Christian missionaries
had little success converting the native Indians to
Christianity. But, this beautiful Lady spoke to Juan
Diego in his own language and miracles began to
happen. Roses appeared in December. Her picture
appeared on his cloak. Within just a few years,
thousands of people believed in the miracles, the
Lady, and most importantly, Her Son, Jesus. It took a
Lady, the Mother of God to help the people realize
that Jesus is their Savior. And she continues to lead
people to her Son today. Today may we appreciate the
beauty that is within all cultures. May we celebrate
the rich, amazing culture of the Hispanic people and
celebrate with them, Our Lady of Guadalupe! Viva!
Love, heidi

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