Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good fruit!

"For example, when I choose a particular way of life or a specific path in life, I have to 'die' to other paths that I might have chosen to follow. But if I have chosen the path in life that the Lord has called me to walk, then my life will produce the most good."
The Little Black Book, Lent 2012

This struck me today. Many of you know that I attended a "Come and See" weekend while in my mid-twenties in Montana, pondering the religious life. It was made quite clear to me, at the time and certainly later, that the religious life was not my destiny, but I reveled in the vocation of the married, family life. It is when I spend wonderful time with the Sisters, now as an Associate, that I look back and wonder...could I have traveled that path? Should I have traveled that path? So, this today in the Black Book gave me pause. Yesterday, as it happened, I had wonderful conversations with all three kids (even had dinner with Blaine!) and my answer to the fleeting question is affirmed. I walked the path in life that the Lord called me to walk, and my life produced some pretty good fruit! Thank you, God! Love, heidi

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