Monday, March 26, 2012

How can this be?

"Mary said to the angel, 'How can this be...?'"
Luke 1:34

This was one of the questions we were asked to ponder at this past weekend's Wisdom Gathering. The theme was Transformation: A Passion for Transforming Possibilities, and the Annunciation was given as an example of a young woman open to radical transformation. It doesn't get much more radical than Mary's "Yes" to becoming the mother of God! So, we thought a lot about Mary's question, "How can this be?" We certainly may need the same kind of clarification when faced with transforming events in our lives. If I am to move, how can I sell my house? If I am to change jobs, how can I find a new job? If I am to do something new, how am I to let go of what I was doing? Change, or transformation, begins with our openness, or our availability to something new. Our openness comes with the faith to allow God to show us the way. Both our openness and our trust are helped by remembering past situations where God has led us to something new and fresh and it all worked out. So, as we begin these last two weeks of Lent, let's think about our "Yes" to God. Are we open to transformation? Are we available and willing to change, to be touched by God and have that show in our lives? Love, heidi

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