Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Long life!

"Here's to your coffin; may it be made with hundred-year old oak trees which I will plant tomorrow!"
Fr. Ed Hays, "A Pilgrim's Almanac"

Fr. Ed's toast could have said something simple, like, "Here's to your long life!" The Irish have such a way with words...I love this toast! But, like Fr. Ed points out, it doesn't matter if we just exist a long time. It's no big deal to live to one hundred years old anymore. It is far more important that we live our lives with passion and gusto! We aren't just counting the days off of a live-long calendar. We are squeezing every bit of life out of every single day; using it up and wearing it out. Let's think about how we are living our spring-time Wednesday, today. Let's not just mark time until summer, when we think we will REALLY live. Let's REALLY live our wet, windy April day with gusto! And, here's to your long, passion-filled life! Love, heidi

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