Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Move that stone!

"Resurrected life cannot be contained in a tomb..."
Homily from Easter Sunday mass

This jumped out at me on Easter morning. Our lives of dying and rising with Jesus cannot be hidden behind a big rock, invisible. It goes back to Jesus saying that we are the city on a hill, the lamp on the lamp-stand, the salt of the earth. We need to live differently! How does that manifest itself in our work-a-day world? If we live like Jesus we are kind, like Jesus. We are gentle and healing toward others, like Jesus. We are inclusive, like Jesus. We reach out and give to those who have less. We forgive and ask forgiveness. We lead lives of humble service. And we accept that the world may not understand us. The world certainly didn't understand Jesus, and yet, it is Jesus is we are asked to follow. Today, let's think about our lives outside the tomb! Our Easter joy cannot be contained behind a rock. We need to live our joy and share it! Love, heidi

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