Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Live gently...

"Face it: there are some people you just don't like. Their chemistry and yours are a volatile mix. Christianity does not require that you elope with them: only that you live with them gently, do them no harm, wish them well--and go your own way."
Joan Chittister, "The Psalms"

Oh, if there was ever a bit of practical advice we can all use, there it is. I especially like the advice about living with others "gently." St. Paul used it too (see Colossians 3:12). Living gently means that your words are kind. Living gently means that you reign in the grudge. Living gently means that you understand that God loves them just as much as God loves you! The "do them no harm" part should be taken that you do not talk about them behind their back, not just that you refrain from decking them! And wishing them well...that is so Jesus, isn't it? Jesus told us to love our enemies and pray for those who hurt us...we don't have to elope with them! We just may not click with everyone, that is a given. But we certainly need to live gently, do no harm and wish them all well! Love, heidi

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