Friday, October 26, 2012

Praying in hope...

"When we live with hope we do not get tangled up with concerns for how our wishes will be fulfilled. So, too, our prayers are not directed toward the gift, but toward the one who gives it."
Henri Nouwen, "With Open Hands"

I read this the other day and am still chewing on it. It seems that when we pray, we do have a certain outcome in mind for our requests. We would like this to happen or that...the outcome we desire. We pray, hoping what? To convince God of our desired outcome? But, what if God has a better solution? I think I am gradually growing away from praying for certain outcomes and am praying more for the strength to grow through any outcome. Life is not a straight line, a very wise friend told me once, and it is so true. But what we learn along the way is so amazing! Back to Nouwen...praying in hope is allowing for God's better idea. Praying in hope means that we can let go of our desired outcomes and allow God to fill us with whatever God desires for us. Praying in hope is more about our relationship with God, the Giver, than what we think we want or need. Hopefully, this weekend we can all take some quiet time to ponder what praying in hope means for us in our lives. Blessings on your weekend! Love, heidi

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