Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Radical love...

"May we come to realize a radical dependence on the love and mercy of God."
~Sunday's homily at the Motherhouse

This, the last in the series of blogs, "Things I Learned at the Motherhouse," was so powerful to me, I pulled out pen and paper right there so I wouldn't forget a thing. The message was primarily for retreatants, sisters deep into their eight days of silence. But it is a message I need to hear regularly. "Radical dependence on the love and mercy of God..." Whoa, Nellie! The word "radical" can mean foundational or extreme and I think it means both when it comes to God's love and mercy. God's love for us is so far beyond anything we can imagine that it is very extreme. It is also foundational; it fills every, single cell that makes up our being. We can spend our time on this planet trying to please God by doing good. Or we can spend our time basking in the absolute incomprehensible love of God and do the good we do just to say "thanks." God's love for us is radical. Our dependence on that love needs to be radical, too. Bask in God's love today! love, heidi

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