Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Revel in the love...

"I know well that it is so; but how can a man be justified before God?"
Job 9:1

Job asks the $64,000 question today, Friends. How indeed? Job and his kin may not have realized the scope of God's love and that is why this question would be on his mind. I thought of several answers to Job's question as I pondered it this morning. The first, obviously, is that man cannot be justified before God. But that doesn't bother God a bit. God is so totally in love with us, faults and all, that God loves us no matter what. The good things we do and the good lives we try to live are not to earn justification or acceptance from God. The goodness in our lives actually comes from God anyway. It's like if God provides us all the makings of a fabulous meal and we prepare it, using the culinary gifts God gave to us in the first place. The wonderful meal came from God, ultimately, anyway, didn't it? Consider the Eucharist for a moment. God gives us the ability to grow and prepare the bread and wine and then God turns that bread and wine into spiritual nourishment for us. It's really God's action throughout. Our part is to accept the gifts, partake of the gifts, and share the gifts with others. Our job is to revel in the infinite love of our God and try to share that with those we meet. Let's try to do that today! Love, heidi

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