Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ya just gotta dance!

"Then David...came dancing before the Lord with abandon..."
2 Samuel 6:14
Have you ever felt this abandon?  Admittedly, it doesn't happen all the time (perhaps just as well!) But there are times when I feel so filled with the Holy Spirit that I could absolutely burst!  Just this past Sunday, the music swelled up inside me and it was all I could do to stay in my shoes. My soul was just soaring with joy!  And that gave me a tiny glimpse of what David must have experienced as he danced down the aisle with the ark. In reading the book, "Between Heaven and Mirth," by Fr. James Martin, SJ, I've learned that our relationship with God is just that, a relationship--as between two dear friends.  And friends share joy, laughter, just as they share in difficulties.  Imagine how God shared in David's joy as David danced! Now, imagine God sharing in our joy in every wonderful facet of our lives. Dancing with holy abandon is as spiritual a celebration as any other action on earth.  Sometimes you just get so filled up with God, you just gotta dance!  Love, heidi

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